Guitar Set-ups & Repairs

Here is a basic price guide for our standard services.

If what you’re after isn’t listed, don’t fret!

Not all guitars are the same, so some of our services will need to be quoted, based on the particulars of your guitar.

Email us your enquiries at and we will get a quote back to you within 48 hours!


Just simply restringing your instrument can breathe new life into it. Strings are a huge factor in the tone of your guitar and old strings can make even the finest guitar sound dull and lifeless. We carry most of the popular name strings; D’Addario, Dunlop, JVB, Elixir, Savarez, + many more.

Our Restrings include: Restringing, Tuning, Hand Polishing and often re-adjusting the Neck

Our Restrings include: Restringing, Tuning and Hand Polishing.

Acoustic/Electric Guitar

  • from $40 exl. Strings

12 String Guitar

  • from $45 exl. Strings

Bass Guitar

  • from $50 exl. Strings

Setup & Services

A guitar is only as good as the way it’s setup. Our setups will ensure you get the most out of your instrument. With Australias inconsistent and harsh climate, we reccomend your guitar gets a service at least once a year. Your car needs regular servicing to ensure it runs smoothly, and your guitar does too!

Our Setups include: Restring, Tuning, Intonating, Neck Adjustment, Action Adjustment, Pickup Height Adjustment, Guitar Polish, Fret Polish, Fingerboard Clean + Conditioning, Electronics Cleaning, Machine Head + Nut Inspection.

Acoustic/Electric Guitar

  • from $65 exl. Strings

Electric Guitar w/ Floyd Rose Trem

  • from $85 exl. Strings

12 String Guitar

  • from $75 exl. Strings

Bass Guitar

  • from $75 exl.. Strings

Strap Button / Strap Lock Installation

Standard strap buttons are an economical way to get a strap on your favourite axe, whereas Strap Locks, provide more security. Strap Locks are also a lot easier to take on and off, without ruining the ends of your favourite strap. We supply a lot of different locks, we at Prestige like the Schaller or Dunlop.

Prices for strap buttons/locks include parts & installation

1 x Standard Strap Button

  • from $35

Pair Standard Strap Buttons

  • from $45

PRESTIGE CHOICE – Pair Dunlopor Schaller StrapLoks

  • from $69

Other Brand Strap Locks

  • POA

Machine Head Installation

A Guitar’s machine heads are so important. without good machine heads, you’re guitar would never stay in tune. If that’s the case, you may just need a new set of good quality machine heads. We can supply almost any set of machine heads; Grover, Gotoh, Waverly, Sprezel, Wilkinsons plus loads more.

We also have a LOT of spare parts. One-off machine heads collected from here and there. So if you’ve already got a great set of machine heads and one has broken, we might just have the one you’re looking for!

Machine Head Install – No Drilling Required

  • from $45 + Parts

Machine Head Install – Drilling new post holes

  • from $65 + Parts

Bone Nuts & Saddles

Bone will drastically improve your guitar’s tone. For guitar, bass, mandolin or banjo, we recommend bone, because a well made bone nut gives bright, resonant tone that really sounds alive. We make our Bone Saddles & Nuts from high quality bone blanks, so each one is custom for the guitar its going on.

Make & Install Bone Nut

  • $POA

Make & Install Bone Saddle

  • $POA

ReFrets & Fret Dresses

All of our Fretwork is done in a NECK JIG. This allows Frets to be leveled and shaped with the same stresses and tensions that your strings exude on the guitar neck. So every fret job is exclusively custom for each guitar, with the best possible results. Say good-bye to fret buzz!

ReFrets & Fret Dresses also include adjustments to Nut & Saddle.

Fret Dress – Guitar

  • $POA

Fret Dress – Bass

  • $POA

ReFret – Unbound Rosewood Board

  • $POA

ReFret – Bound or Maple Board

  • $POA

Pick-Up Installs & Custom Wiring

We can install any pickup you want. We can also install them how YOU want. Push pull pots, in and out of phase, kill switches, coil tapping and electronic tuner knobs are just some of the things we can do. We use japanese and american parts which are of the highest quality. We can also do full acoustic guitar pre-amp/pickup installs. If you can think of it, we can do it!

Electric Pickup Installs

  • $POA

Acoustic Pickup Installs

  • $POA

Replace standard electric guitar Input Jack

  • $POA

Replace barrel style Input Jack

  • $POA

Replace Tele’ Input Jack

  • $POA

Replace Acoustic guitar Input Jack

  • $POA

Bridge & Headstock Repairs

DON’T THROW OUT those guitars where the bridge has come off or the headstock has snaped! We can generally fix them! Maybe your bridge is just starting to lift, or cracks are forming around the headstock/neck. We can fix those too. We’ve mended a LOT of broken headstocks. It’s surprising just how common they are.

Guitar Tip; “Loosen off your strings when traveling by air. The cabin pressure will break off a headstock if the strings are tuned up to pitch, not clumsy baggage handlers [;)] ”

Repair Broken off Headstock

  • $POA

Repair cracked Headstock

  • $POA

Re-Set Acoustic Bridge (no pickup)

  • $POA

Re-Set Acoustic Bridge (with pickup)

  • $POA

Orchestral String Repairs

We can set-up and restring your Orchestral Strings

  • Violin Re-string from$45 + strings
  • Viola Restring from $45 + strings
  • Cello – Restring from $55 + strings

We sell a variety of accessories and strings suitable for beginners through to professionals.