Learning music is amazing……

There are always expectations when you start to learn a new skill, here are some ideas that can help with the learning process

Learning music is hard work, and sometimes frustrating and challenging…. but the satisfaction, confidence and skill IS WORTH IT!

We promise.

Your Expectations

  • We will endeavor to inform you as soon as possible if a lesson has been cancelled
  • We will find an appropriate teacher for your needs, or suggest someone who can help you
  • We will suggest different learning approaches depending on your PERSONAL needs
  • Each teacher has a different approach, method and personality, not every teacher will suit every student
  • We will provide constructive practice and rehearsal ideas – if you take them on board they will benefit you
  • If you choose not to take on board our suggestions, there will be a limit to your learning experience-
  • We cannot make you learn something more quickly, or magically get any better without PRACTICE
  • We cannot do the practice for you – we can help you learn how to practice….
  • We can teach you what to practice, in what order and how to be a more confident player…
  • We cannot guarantee learning your instrument in 10 weeks – it takes several months/years to master an instrument
  • There is no APP that will do the learning for you
  • It is hard work, and sometimes frustrating and challenging…. but the satisfaction, confidence and skill IS WORTH IT! We promise.

Our Expectations

  • Please turn up to your lesson on time with your instrument, books, and equipment
  • Please give us 24 hours or more notice if you are unable to make a lesson
  • If no notice is given, you forfeit your lesson fee,– being sick on the day of your lesson, is not adequate notice.
  • Make up lessons are carried on to the next term – with fees adjusted accordingly with a maximum of 2 credits available for missed lessons
  • If you would like to learn a certain style, or type of music, please let us know and we will try to accommodate your request
  • People teach, and learn in different ways – it is important to communicate your ideas, any worries or concerns you may have so we can address them as quickly as possible
  • Please pay your lessons fees on time at the beginning of each term, if they are not paid in a timely manner – we will give your spot to another person wanting to learn
  • Please confirm at the end of each term if you want to continue with lessons – and pay for your next term as soon as possible.
  • If you would like detailed practise information, which you can follow for yourself / your child please bring an exercise book or purchase a PRACTICE diary – from us
  • Private 30 minute lessons from $45 inc GST
  • Private 45 minute lessons from $60 inc GST
  • Private 60 minute lessons from $90 inc GST