Rental FAQ’s

Rental Program at Prestige Musical Instruments

Not sure if you want to buy an instrument? Perhaps you are worried that it is a passing craze and won’t last long? – Maybe you are concerned about noise and your neighbours? Worried about spending lots of money only to have an instrument sit in the corner for several months?……. Instrument Rental is the answer!


FAQ’S Security Deposit
When you rent an instrument you will be required to sign a security deposit form – this includes signing a credit card slip as insurance for returning your instrument to us. The monies will not be taken from you unless you break the hired instrument, it is beyond repair, or lost.

Will I receive a new instrument?
Sometimes! Depending on how many instruments we have out on loan – you may receive a brand new one or one of our in-house rentals- we have a rental pool of approximately 150 instruments – occasionally you may have to wait to get an instrument as they will all be out on loan!

Do I have to rent for a certain period of time?
Yes. The minimum period of rental is six(6) months. If you return your instrument before this time you will need to pay the balance of the rental charges for the full six months. After the minimum rental period how long you continue to rent is completely up to you. You can return it whenever you wish and may even like to consider buying an instrument.

Do you have a guarantee?
If there is anything wrong with an item you hire, simply return it to us within 7 days and we’ll sort it out immediately.

Can I rent multiple instruments? Absolutely!

How much will the first payment be?
The first payment, taken when you pick up the instrument, will be the sum of the first six (6) months rent as well as any other items you may need (cleaning kit, music stand, reeds)

How do you take my payment?
You can pay for the entire six (6) months via credit card, or eftpos or cash – we process Visa, Mastercard
– at our shop.

Will the instrument be ready to play?
All instruments come ready to play! You may need to actually put your instrument together to make it work though .You will need to purchase additional accessories like reeds, cork grease, cleaners, straps and stands.

Do any of my rental payments go towards paying off a new instrument?
Yes. 30% of your rental fees paid in the first 6 months only ; goes towards paying for your instrument.

How do I return my instrument?
Simply return your instrument to us at Prestige Musical Instruments. We will check the instrument and provided it is after the minimum rental period and all is in good condition, there are no other charges.

What about repairs and/or servicing ?
General servicing for wear and tear is the responsibility of the hirer. When you hire an instrument from us, it has been checked, serviced and is in good working condition. If damage occurs to the instrument please contact us. We recommend instruments be serviced by a qualified technician (here at Prestige Musical Instruments) at least once a year and require the instrument be returned in good working order.

Rentals DO NOT include; cleaning materials, straps, reeds, instrument stands or music stands, books or manuscript paper. All Consumables are the responsibility of the renter (cleaning accessories, reeds, stands etc…)