Renting vs. Buying A Band Instrument

You or your son or daughter has decided they want to play a musical instrument.

This is a wonderful, constructive activity that can last for years.

Renting vs. buying a band instrument is an important decision that can have an impact, not only on your wallet, but also on whether or not your child or you stays with, and enjoys, their instrument for years or quits in frustration after a few months.

Renting a Band Instrument

The typical method for renting a band instrument is a “rent to own” contract. The parent pays a monthly rental fee to the music store, usually automatically deducted from a credit card or bank account. Again this provides an easy way to have your child get started with the band instrument. At the end of a set period (6 months) you are asked if you want to continue renting or pay for your instrument with a discounted rate.

There are a couple of advantages to renting as opposed to buying, besides the convenience factor. One is that minor repairs are usually covered in a rental agreement. Another is that if the student does decide to stop playing, renting can sometimes be a better financial decision than buying a new instrument.

Buying a Band Instrument

In addition to financial considerations, another major advantage to buying a new band instrument, as opposed to renting, is that buying gives both students and parents a greater sense of commitment to playing and studying an instrument, and most instruments come with a minimum 3 year full warranty – allowing for peace of mind too!

This can often translate into the student being further encouraged to keep playing the instrument they have chosen. It also provides additional motivation for the parent to encourage daily practice, an ingredient that is necessary for success in playing any instrument.

There are basically two options for buying a new band instrument, buying from a local music store or buying over the Internet. If you are fortunate enough to have a local music store that carries new band instruments, this is a great opportunity to select the instrument of your choice.

An alternative to buying a new band instrument is to buy a good used instrument. This can be an excellent, cost effective, alternative to buying new.

However, if you elect to buy a used band instrument, it’s important to have someone to inspect the instrument. It’s very frustrating for a beginning student to try to learn on an instrument that is leaking, sticking or has some other mechanical problem, and this can end up being very costly

Buying vs. renting a band instrument is an important decision, Prestige Musical Instruments in conjunction with your school music program, and instrument teacher can help make the decision easier.