Repair FAQ’s

When is the best time to bring in my repair?

We recommend bringing your instrument in for repair during school term! It is actually the fastest turn around – when it is NOT in the school holidays!

Thursdays is the best day to bring in your repairs actually, as they go to our repairer on a Thursday.

Please remember that back to school season is often very busy for the repair shop, so have your instrument serviced early in the holiday season (November is good) to avoid the need for any last minute repairs.

How much will it cost to repair my instrument?

Repair on instruments can vary greatly depending on the instrument and problems that are occurring. We must see your instrument in order to give an estimate for the cost of the repair. Please see our repairs fees for estimates of repair costs to you instrument.

How long will I have to leave my instrument to get it repaired?

This depends upon the time of year and our workload as well as the type of repair. We do have an appointment system that has proven to be very helpful in allowing customers to be without their instrument the least amount of time possible. We do try to get instruments back as soon as possible – lead times vary from 5 working days upwards.

Is my instrument worth repairing? /Should I repair or replace my instrument?

Most name brand instruments are worth having repaired. Instruments that are properly repaired and serviced can last for many years.

Why do I need my instrument adjusted? Isn’t that done at the factory?

Though your instrument leaves the factory in playing condition standard wear and tear from regular use and practice affects your instrument. We suggest having your instrument serviced twice a year to keep it in good playing condition.

Do I really need my brass instrument cleaned? It doesn’t look that dirty.

Though the exterior of your instrument may not seem dirty, grease and dirt build up on the interior of your instrument. This build up causes valves and slides to become sticky or sluggish.

Build up can even cause your mouthpiece to become stuck.

Why can’t I buy the supplies from you and repair my instrument myself?

Band instruments are very finicky and there is a great deal of skill in getting them to perform to their top potential. One small leak could mean the difference between an instrument that plays wonderfully and one that does not play at all. Please leave this work to our trained technicians.

Why do I need to know the brand of instrument if I just need to buy a replaceable part?

Unfortunately band instrument parts are not universal. Parts may vary from brand to brand or even model to model within a certain brand. It is best to bring the instrument in to the shop so we can be sure the part fits before you pay for it.

How often should I bring my instrument in for repair – do instruments need a regular tune up?

Yes, instruments do need regular servicing just like your car. We suggest you bring your instrument to us, twice a year to be checked over. At that time we will check the instrument and if repairs are necessary we will give you an estimate on cost and time in the shop.

Can you tune my band instrument?

Band instruments are not tuned like a stringed instrument or keyboard instrument but if your instrument is in need of repairs or adjustments it can affect intonation. If it is playing unusually out of tune I suggest you bring it in to be checked over.

For BRASS instruments -what is the difference between a professional cleaning and a bath at home?

A professional cleaning will clean out most of the debris and corrosion inside your instrument and allow it to blow freely again. A home bath will clean out the loose debris and help to prolong the need for professional cleaning.

What can I do to keep my instrument from needing repairs?

Regular maintenance for band instruments is very important. Please see our resources page on ways to look after your instrument

Do you repair cases?

We can do certain repairs on many cases including but not limited to replacing latches, handles, hinges, case feet and gluing linings.

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