Repairs & Services

  • Instrument services are on a first come first serve basis-
  • The best time to get your instrument to us is on a Thursday – That is the day they go to our repairers
  • Instruments take 5 – 10 working days to be repaired, if it will be longer we call and let you know
  • Band instrument repairs and services start from $140 inc GST
  • We are very heavily booked during school holiday periods if you can bring your instrument to us during term time – it is a faster turnaround

Repair Work can include some of or / all of the following:

  • remove necessary key work
  • straighten necessary tone holes
  • hand polish instrument and key work
  • replace gooseneck cork
  • replace corks
  • replace necessary key corks
  • replace tenon corks
  • straighten rods
  • realign pads
  • realign keys
  • realign bell
  • adjust foot joint/head joint tenon
  • adjust pad openings
  • check A440 tuning
  • adjust head joint cork
  • replace necessary key corks
  • reassemble instrument
  • straighten bend key work and realign
  • reseat all pads
  • adjust spring tensions
  • adjust screw adjustments and linkages
  • rebalance key work
  • lubricate key work
  • remove mouthpiece
  • remove necessary dents
  • reshape bell
  • realign leader pipe
  • replace valve guides
  • rehone valves
  • resolder where necessary
  • remove dents from slide/realign slide
  • remove stuck tuning slides
  • replace valve felts
  • ease tuning slides
  • replace water keys / water springs
  • oil & service

Prestige Musical Instruments Repair Warranty

Prestige Musical Instruments warrants all play condition repairs for 90 days and all repads for 6 months following the completion date.

This warranty covers only the work of our service department.

Exclusions include, but are not limited to, correction of manufacture defects, new damage due to mistreatment of the instrument and repairs done by other repair facilities or individuals.

Warranty coverage is subject to inspection and approval of the instrument in question by the Prestige Musical Instruments service department and is void if repair of the instrument is attempted by anyone other than a qualified Prestige Musical Instruments service technician during the warranty period.

If you have a warranty claim or concern please contact the Prestige Musical Instruments service department manager as soon as possible as time is of the essence when determining the cause of any problems. Please contact us on: 02 9389 0166 if you have any questions or concerns.