Terms & Conditions

Private Music Tuition Terms and Conditions of Enrollment

Fee Payments, Enrollment & Re-enrollment

* Term fees are paid in advance at time of enrollment.
* Fees are charged at $37 per individual 30-minute lesson
* ON-TIME fee payment will attract a 5% discount when a TERM of lessons is paid in FULL
* In order to attain your 5% on time discount, you must pay in full by the END of the FIRST WEEK of LESSONS.
* If FEES for ANY REASON are NOT paid on-time you will incur a $25 ADMIN LATE FEE
* Re-enrollment is automatic when a fee payment authorisation form has been submitted.
* All authorised fee payments are debited in week 9 of each term.
* Fee payment authorisations can be cancelled at any time by notifying our office.

Missed Lessons

* Where less than 24 hours notice is given, the lesson is forfeited.
* Where 24 hours notice is given: lessons may be made up OR credited to the next term’s invoice.
* Make up lessons are offered in consultation with student & teacher.
* A maximum of 2 lesson credits per student will be offered each term and applied to the next term’s invoice.
* Refunds are offered only at the discretion and approval of our managers.

Please Note:

* All lessons are scheduled according to the NSW public school term dates.
* Our weekly teaching timetable runs from Monday – Sunday.
* Lessons will take place on the first Saturday of most school holidays.
* Our lesson timetable doesn’t allow for lessons to run overtime. Any students arriving late will not be offered extra time at the conclusion of their lesson.
* Prestige Musical Instrument teachers are responsible for their students during allocated lesson times only. We do not take responsibility for children outside of these times.